What TO Look For When Searching For Gold IRA Companies

gold ira companies

Whether you are an investor or not, it is always a fact that gold is an attractive investment tool, primarily because it is the only asset that can hold its value even when the economy is looking bleak. However, gold IRA investing is not for everyone. Although there are a lot of reasons to opt for Gold IRA investment, there are also a few caveats that you need to think about, one of the most important is to make sure you pick the best company to handle your IRA for you.

IRAs are individual retirement accounts that provide tax benefits for savings on retirement. There are also two types of IRAs – Roth IRA and traditional IRA. Gold IRA investment is all about asset protection, good investment returns, as well as portfolio diversification and these, are probably the reasons why a lot of people are enticed to switch to gold IRA.

It is true that this is one of the smartest investment moves that you can make, but you should be well-equipped, experienced and knowledgeable about this before you decide to go for it.

What To Know When Investing In Gold

Before you start investing in gold, the first thing that you need to know are the pros and cons of gold IRA companies. There is now such a broad range of Gold IRA companies that you can decide to work with, but how do you know which one is best-placed to help you develop an investment strategy that is optimized for your particular circumstances?

You should not consider any investment method without knowing the benefits and disadvantages that it can offer, and you need to work with a company that will help you understand the many benefits that would suggest this is an excellent addition to your financial armory and also the reasons why it might not.

Before anything else, let’s begin with the benefits of a Gold IRA. Your chosen Gold IRA company should make you are aware of these and assess their relevance to your situation:

Benefits Of A Gold IRA

1. A gold IRA is self-directed. It means that any eligible retirement plan like a current IRA plan or a 401k can be rolled over into a gold IRA. This is pretty straight forward because if you have an eligible retirement plan, you can directly transfer it to a gold IRA account.
2. Simple Setup Process. The process won’t take too long, and all of the relevant formalities and procedures can be completed in just a couple of business days. Time is precious, so this is perfect for the people who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their gold IRA account.
3. Gold IRA companies offer customer support. One of the reasons why it is better to look for a good gold IRA company is that they provide customer support that would guide you through the whole process of rolling over your retirement plan or 401k.
4. More Security. There is greater safety with precious metal IRAs since the money will be allocated to physical assets.
5. Gold IRA can be used to avoid stock value fluctuations, inflation, and plummeting currency values. This is one of the major benefits of a gold IRA investment.
6. The price of gold can go up during financial scenarios like foreclosures, stock market failures, unemployment and more and the price of gold is expected to increase in the coming years, as it has done consistently over the passage of time.

These are only some of the benefits that your gold IRA company should make you aware of, but there are also a few disadvantages that you need to look out for. Here are some that a reputable Gold IRA company would consider and discuss with you:

What Gold Companies Should Tell You

1. There are only specific types of coins and bars that you can use for gold IRA schemes. Before 1997, American Eagle gold coins were the only approved coins, but after 1997, the IRS decided to widen its coverage rule, and they are now permitting other accepted coins and bullion as long as they are of sufficient purity. Your chosen company should ensure that any assets considered are approved for Gold IRA investment.
2. Costs for Holding Gold. Investors cannot have physical possession of the gold because it needs to be stored in a special depository box. It means that there is a certain fee that you need to pay to the custodian firm that would hold the gold. These fees should be discussed with you and factored in when recommendations are made, and you should also think about insurance costs.
3. Account funding may take weeks. This is done through a contribution, transfer or rollover. Some people may not be bothered by this, but some are not fond of waiting for several weeks. Again it is the duty of your IRA company to inform you of the funding period and answer any questions that you may have.

What To Look For In A Gold IRA Company

After looking at the pros and cons of a Gold IRA investment, you are probably wondering how to begin. The first thing that you need to do is to search for a good company to help you set up your new investment vehicle. It would be difficult to rollover your current IRA or 401k without first searching for a gold IRA company that can help you. This may at first seem a daunting task but if you know what to do finding a good one will not be too hard. Here are some tips on how to find a good Gold IRA company.


gold ira companies credibility

You need to look for a company that has a good track record and a business that can deliver results in spite of the volatility of the market. You have to remember that you are investing your money, and this is not a small amount, so you need a company that has a good reputation. You need to research how long they have been in the business because this will be a good way to know if they are reliable and if their clients are satisfied with their services. Excellent customer service is also required because you want the company to guide you while you are considering major financial decisions. Quality business with have high ratings and recognition from the likes of The Better Business Bureau, along with the Business Consumer Alliance along with a high volume of quality positive customer reviews on sites like TrustLink.

Account Fees

If you are going to transfer your assets to a Gold IRA company, you must understand that these companies may charge a variety of fees. A flat annual fee that is in the several-hundred-dollar range is standard, while scaled costs change based on whether the actual account is in one of the several tiered account balance brackets. Let’s say you have invested $150,000 in a gold IRA company, it will be very beneficial for you if they will offer a flat-rate fee schedule where you will only pay $250 annually. As for the scaled fee system, you will end up paying more.

Insurance and License

Insurance will protect your gold IRA account, so this is crucial. Most of the companies offering gold IRA services have FDIC insurance, but you should not assume so check the coverage provided by any companies you are considering. Licenses will also be paramount since they need to have a permit. You should ask to see a copy of the license of the company, and if they failed to provide proof that they are operating legally, you should look for another company.

Efficiency and Delivery Time

You can find IRA companies where you will sign up, and you will have to wait for up to 2 months before the metals will be transferred to your account. It is best to ask the company about this before you invest so you will have an idea on the amount of time that you will have to wait. It would be better to do your research and ask their existing clients about this. If you want to avoid any unnecessary delay, you should invest in a company that can provide an efficient and fast delivery time.

These are only a few of the tips that you can follow if you want to look for the best gold IRA company. Always keep in mind that if you are making a significant investment, it makes perfect sense to take the time and trouble to look a little deeper into the company that will handle your investments for you.

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Information On The Best Gold IRA Companies

There are a number of companies offering gold ira facilities as well as enabling you to buy precious metals as collectibles . With so many to choose from and taking on board the information we shared with you above concerning what to look for in a ira company, how can you narrow the field down to help you find the right one for you?

We have carried out reviews on all the leading gold ira companies and have complied a list of the top ones for you which you will see below. You can check out the reviews of any of the companies, where we outline all the salient points concerning their background, history, and their credibility with previous customers.

Gold IRA Reviews


In the table above you will see that they come out top with regards to the fees they charge in comparison to the other companies. They, like some other companies, have the top ratings with the BBB and BCA with no complaints. They have the highest number of positive reviews on TrustLink, in fact, we could not find any legitimate complaints about Regal Assets online.

In addition to this, we recommend Regal due to the following features and benefits they offer:


They are an official precious metals retailer listed with the United States Mint
They have extensive experience as they have dealt in over $280 million in retirement account transfers
Regal was the 1st precious metals provider to provide a live recording of when your metals arriving at the depository
They provide segregated storage ensuring your metals are separate and not mixed with other investors investments
They provide retirement accounts the option to be stored overseas without taxes or penalties
Regal offer a 7-day guarantee on shipping for retirement accounts and direct purchases
Regal have a buy back policy where funds will be in your account with 24 hours of sale


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